About Us

Standard features:
• variable width conveyor chain (3-1/4”, 4-1/2”, 6”, etc.)
• segmented, interchangeable conveyor sections in 2’ increments up to 10’ length
• threaded tie plates for ease of adding or removing segments of conveyor
• contained idling end and drive end to eliminate “pinch points”
• conveyor-mounted gearbox and motor eliminating drive chain and guarding
• 110V controls with 90V DC motor
• “L” shape conveyor sides allow for quick and easy wash down
• B grade polished stainless steel
• tool-less rail adjustment
• contiguously welded legs ensure stability
• in-stock conveyor available for shipment in 3-5 days
• standard height of 34-38”

Custom offerings:
• Baldor wash down motor and variable speed control
• custom corners available from minimum to 180⁰ bends
• any length section can be made
• split infeed and discharge for filler conveyor helps keep bottles clean in the event of a spill
• smooth side transfer with no transfer plates
• custom designs made to fit specific installations
• wide selection of leg and foot options

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